In my last posts i have told how has to be your approach when you want to make money online.But This Post I am giving out
working,simpe and easy way to make extra money online.So read it carefully.You must heard and seen lots of people making money sitting from their home.You tend to get excited and you start your way to achieve it.But from where to start? How to make money online ? What are the things That you need? All these questions keep coming your way.Don’t Get down so easily.You Must have searched Lots of Google results to come over here.And you are in right Place.My Upcoming Posts will help you learn many money making online methods and do not require any invesntment to start.

I am not going to bore you with lengthy speech and so.But would like to mention key and most important facts that you should considerwhen you start your Journey to Make money online.


Mistakes made In search of making money fast

Usually we use google to find any information and so when you search over google on how to earn money online.You will come across many websites and methods and companies saying that you can earn $xxx ..etc per day.But how far is that true.You got to be beware there are many scam sites online which do not pay even after your hard work.And some comapnies do excite people to become paid member in order to make money.

Remember Never Ever Invest Money To Make money if you are begginner.It can turn out to be disaster as they may scam you or you may fail to do so making money from their Methods.Always start with free opportunities and work with genuine money paying sites.


The easy  method To make money online

Now Let Us Get straight to the method that i want to show you as how easily you can make money online free.We all have friends online over Facebook,twitter,Chat,forums etc.And we do share some of our things to our friends and network.We share pictures,songs,movies,important files,funny videos lots of other things.How About this, you Get Paid when someone downloads your shared file.Is’nt it sound exciting.Yes what you heard is right.Now you can earn money online when someone downloads your file.Your file can be anything say movie,pictures,songs,funny videos ..etc.

Dollarupload is a file sharing program that pays you $.40 to $20 when someone downloads your file.The membership is free to join for anyone and can make money from them.


Check Out my Payment proof below:








I have been making from them since an year sharing videos,ebooks,pictures..etc.I make around $150 per day from them.Imagine you are getting paid simply when some one downloads your file,its incredible and its free.


Step by Step Instructions to Get Started with Dollar Upload:

1) First register with with your name and address and all.
2) Confirm your email
3) Login in to your account section.There you see File tab on left side.Also you can see Links.
By clicking Files you get an option to upload your files it can be songs,picturs,videos,ebooks..etc.
But remember no adult or drug or pharma related things are allowed.
4) After you uploaded your file with good name.Click Manage Files.You will see your file link.Copy it.
Now start sharing this file with your friends,online network and lots of other places.
5) Whenever someone downloads your file.You get paid betwwen $.40 to $20 for every single download.

That’s it. Is that so simple to make money online :)


Tips To Get More Downloads Per Day.

Wait a minute You must have some more questions as why would people will download your file or how to get some hundred’s downloads per day or per week.Do not worry i do have lot of solutions that are already proven and lots of people are making money online using these methods to make money from dollar upload.

I have embedded the most IMPORTANT methods in to a pdf file using which you can make $50+ day just working around 2 hours a day.All these methods are free and easy to get started to make money on day three itself.Like i said how Facbook,twitter,forums..etc are the mediums to share and earn.The file includes top 5 methods explained in briefly on how cleverly and easily you make money using social networks from dollar upload.

Click here to download the file valuable tips to get more downloads .Also check Out My other posts for Simple and easy ways to make money online for free.