In last post we have discussed where to start your online journey. Now I show you how we can make money with the blog. For posting on blog we need not be professional writer, that is why many people have blog now a days. We can write posts on our own language.

I started my blogging career in 2006. Now I am pro at blogging I can create blog on any platform.  I almost gained knowledge in every aspect of online marketing. I failed to make it big because in previous post back to blogging I said I was busy handling handling my family responsibilities from 4 years.

Now let’s get back to blogging. First make the posts which are readable and user friendly. By seeing our posts people should get back to our blog often. If we write good posts they will find the blog interesting and bookmark the site .They visit the site often creating regular traffic source. The blog survives due to regular readers a lot as they create long time income for the blog.

We are delivering good posts and have accumulated good amount of readers for our blog. Now it’s time to turn the traffic in to money making machine. Join cpc based advertising sites like google adsense, chitika etc or cpa ( cost per action) or cps ( cost per sale) .

We can place the ads directly on somewhere on the blog where users can notice easily. With Google Adsense you can make money when somebody only clicks it. For other ads we make money when we make a sale or the advertiser pays fixed amount per month for displaying his banner on our site. We can also make money by writing a review about a product.


Update the blog often to make the readers visit the site. They need fresh content every day to visit blog often. If we don’t update blog often, they may get turned off. Ping the blog after every update to tell google our site has new content and it needs to be indexed. Do some back linking to make the blog popular and get some traffic. Submit the blog in google sitemaps to get indexed faster in and don’t forget to submit to google analytics to track the traffic.

From starting a blog and making is successful everything is important. Every step plays a key role in making our blog successful. If it is successful it will make money online for us :)  .