When we think about this names just in common it comes to everybody’s mind, they are opposite to each other. They both have advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to seo they are









GreyHat and




White hat is pure natural and safe method of doing seo and it is allowed everywhere. Google loves people who do whitehat. It takes time to do whitehat but the results are long lasting and forever. Those who do whitehat need not fear about anything. Whitehat doesn’t involve techniques which are not encouraged by google.


GreyHat:- Greay is mixture of partial whitehat and partial blackhat.Most people do either blackhat or whitehat ,only in rare cases people do greay hat.


Blackhat: – As the name itself suggests the methods which are not suggested by search engines and violating the backlinking methods. Here in blackhat we get results in very short time because of some methods ( Ex:- blog comments etc ) but the results are not  long term .Suppose if we need to make money in short time then in such a time blackhat is very helpful and good to use it.


It depends on the webmaster if he wants to long lasting site then he can go for whitehat creating safer life for his website and if he wants short term gains instead of long term then he can go for blackhat.